Toothpaste Clove Dabur, 100 grams

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Toothpaste Clove eliminates bad breath, helps to get rid of a toothache, strengthens teeth and gums. Clove oil included in the composition of this toothpaste neutralizes the bacteria that cause cavities and inflammation of the tooth cavity.

Clove has natural antibacterial properties and is effective against pathogens of dental caries and various inflammations of gums.

Shizuma bark has natural astringent properties and strengthen gums and teeth.

Pellitory produces the anasthetic has natural properties that can relieve toothache.

Toothpaste Clove does not contain harmful chemicals and fluoride.

Content: Calcium carbonate, Purified water, Glycerine, Flavour containing clove oil, Herbal extract (Anacyclus pyrethrum, Acacia Arabica, Mimusops Elengi, Symplocos Racemosa, Syzygium aromaticum).

Dosage/Application: Apply a small amount of toothpaste on the brush, brush for 2-3 min., rinse mouth thoroughly. Use twice a day.

Original name: Toothpaste Herb'l Clove, 75+25 grams Dabur.

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