Grapefruit essential oil, 5 ml
Concentrated, all-natural Grapefruit oil.   Indications: colds, headache and muscle pain, poor blood c..
1 review
393 грн.
Natural oil perfume Night Jasmine, 10 ml
Night Jasmine is natural perfume oil based, where the main note is Jasmine. Delicate Jasmine combined with Ylang - Ylang..
1 review
700 грн.
Neroli essential oil, 5 ml
Concentrated, all-natural Neroli oil.   Indications: stress - calms and relaxes.   Can..
1 review
298 грн.
Oil Parfume Rose Noire, 10 ml
Rose Noire is a warm and delicate natural oil based perfume, where the main note is Rose, shaded with Jasmine and Gerani..
1 review
550 грн.
Parfume Devi Audacity, 10 ml
All-natural oil perfume with subtle Oriental fragrance of vanilla, Jasmine and tangerine.Original name: Devi Audacity, M..
1 review
537 грн.
Parfume Devi Mastery, 10 ml
All-natural oil perfume with subtle Oriental aroma of citrus and spices.Original name: Devi Mastery Maroma.In our store ..
2 reviews
537 грн.
Parfume Devi Serenity, 10 ml
All-natural oil perfume with a delicate aroma of flowers, Indian of the jungle and the fresh sea breeze.Original name: D..
1 review
537 грн.
Rose Attar, 10 ml, Марома, India!
Rose Attar is a natural perfume oil based, where the main note is rose. Made in Auroville, India (Tamil Nadu). In Aurovi..
1 review
537 грн.
Rosemary essential oil, 5 ml
Concentrated, all natural Rosemary oil.   Indications: acne, dandruff, improves blood circulation, aphr..
1 review
314 грн.
Tender Rose, 10 ml
Tender rose is natural perfume oil base, with fresh floral - citrus aroma. If you love light, spring and summer fragranc..
1 review
537 грн.
Ylang-Ylang natural essential oil, 5 ml
Concentrated, all-natural Ylang-Ylang.   Indications: stress, high mental stress, antidepressant. ..
1 review
592 грн.
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