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Adarsh Ayurvedic
Amla tail medicated, 100 ml
Amla tail medicated, 100 ml
What is the concentrated oil? This oil, in the manufacture of which complied with all the proportions of the components ..
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175 грн.
Anti acne gel, 10 grams
Anti acne gel quickly removes redness and reduces the size of pimples, has an instant drying effect, soothes the sebaceo..
90 грн.
Arimedadi tail, 200 ml
Arimedadi tail - therapeutic oil that is used for the prevention and treatment of most diseases of the oral cavity, gums..
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310 грн.
Bio Kelp shampoo, 180 ml
Bio Kelp shampoo is used to care for weakened hair. Laminaria and herbal extracts that make up this shampoo nourish and ..
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310 грн.
Bio Wallnut bark shampoo, 190 ml
Shampoo with extract of walnut peel for dark hair - a great tool for the care of thin and weakened hair.This shampoo con..
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310 грн.
Compact antiseptic Almond oil, 8.5 ml
Antiseptic with Almond oil contains skin care ingredients that protect it from the harmful effects of alcohol. Ingredien..
35 грн.
Compact antiseptic Aloe Vera, 8.5 ml
Compact antiseptic Aloe Vera contains components for skin care which protect it from the harmful effects of alcohol. Con..
35 грн.
Compact antiseptic Grapefruit, 8.5 ml
Compact antiseptic Grapefruit contains components for skin care which protect it from the harmful effects of alcohol. In..
35 грн.
Kajal, 1 grams
Kajal - natural remedy for eyes on the basis of antimony that have a pronounced preventive effect on vision. Touch..
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60 грн.
Kesh King hair oil, 100 ml
Kesh King hair oil reduces hair loss and stimulates the growth of new hair. This oil nourishes hair bulbs, which improve..
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250 грн.
Kshirabala 101 tail, 10 ml
Kshirabala 101 tail has passed 101 cycle of processing during manufacturing, due to which it has the best quality and ef..
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125 грн.
Kumkumadi tail, 15 ml
Kumkumadi tail is a special rejuvenative ayurvedic oil. It is used to make one’s skin authenticly young and healthy. It ..
170 грн.
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