Amruth, 60 tablets
Amruth is one of the best immunomodulators and adaptogens in Ayurveda. It is used to treat colds, especially those acc..
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195 грн.
Anti acne gel, 10 grams
Anti acne gel quickly removes redness and reduces the size of pimples, has an instant drying effect, soothes the sebaceo..
90 грн.
Arogya vati, 80 tablets
Arogya vati is an immunomodulator and is used to prevent respiratory diseases, as well as to maintain the body's immune ..
115 грн.
Chyavanprash concentrate, 60 tablets
Chyavanprash is an effective energy tonic and immunomodulator. Chyavanprash is a rejuvenating tonic rich in vitamins, mi..
215 грн.
Chyawanprash Sona Chandi Chyawanplus, 450 grams
Sona Chandi Chyawanplus is the compound based on the classical Chyawanprash enriched with herbs that improves memory and..
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370 грн.
Chyawanprash, 550 grams
Chyawanprash is one of the best immunomodulators in Ayurveda. It is a rejuvenating tonic, rich in vitamins, mineral..
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315 грн.
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Deva vati, 60 tablets
Deva vati, 60 tablets
Deva vati is a complex medicine, which possesses good antioxidant and purifying properties. Deva vati also has an a..
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210 грн. 190 грн.
Drakshadi kwath, 100 tablets - 100 grams
Drakshadi kwath (Drakshadi vati) is a well-known medicine used for treatment of the digestive system and liver disorde..
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540 грн.
Fibre Detoxan Flax, 150 grams
Fiber Detoxan Flax consists of 7 food and medicinal plants that are unique in terms of their cleansing and healing effec..
88 грн.
Fibre Detoxan Oats, 150 grams
Fiber Detoxan - Oats contains only natural ingredients that help detoxify the body at the level of cells and intercellul..
88 грн.
Gandhak Rasayana, 40 grams ~ 100 tablets
Gandhak rasayana is a great anti-toxic purifying medicine. It balances Rajaka- Pitta subdosha.Gandhak rasayana has anti-..
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260 грн.
Gandhak Rasayana, 40 tablets - 12 grams
Gandhak rasayana is a great anti-toxic purifying medicine. It balances Rajaka- Pitta subdosha.Gandhak rasayana has ..
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125 грн.
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