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Balm Zandu well established as an effective pain remedy. Popular not only in India but also abroad, the balm from the company Sandu is widely used in rheumatic pains, arthritis, arthrosis, gout. Active components of balm eliminate back pain, lower back, head and muscle heals bruises and contusions, sprains and sports injuries.

Balm Zandu great athletes. Massage with balm before physical activity warm up muscles and prevent tension and strain.


Content: based balm, vaseline, essential oil of Wintergreen, menthol.


Method of application:

- Muscle pain, sprains, bruises - apply a thin layer to the affected area and RUB balm massaged.

- Rheumatic, and arthritic pains - massage into skin with light massaging movements.

- Headaches - apply a thin layer on the skin of the forehead and in the temples, RUB with light movements.

- Before physical activity muscles to massage with a small amount of balm a few minutes before the workout.

Original name: Zandu Pain balm.

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