Oil for face Tarika Sandal and Camphor Ayurlabs, 30 ml

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Oil for face Tarika Sandal and Camphor - a highly effective beauty oil, nourishing and toning the skin a pronounced rejuvenating effect. In the oil tarika included andal and camphor, which are known its tonic and regenerating properties. It easily penetrates into the skin, stimulating blood circulation, fresh and smooth wrinkles.

It is recommended to apply at night before bed, in place of the cream.

Content: Extracts of Rubia cordifolia, Cocuslaeca, Butea fromdoza, Santalum album, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Emblica officinalis, Berberis aristata each 3%, Prunus puddum, Curcuma longa each 2.5% processed with cow's milk, sesame oil to 100%.

Dosage/Application: Small the amount of oil applied to the skin. RUB in with light massaging movements, alternating with light taps with the fingertips. Before the use of warm and thoroughly stirred.

Original name: Oil for face Tarika Sandal and Camphor Ayurlabs.

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