Eyedrops Ophthacare Himalaya, 10 ml

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Eye drops Ophthacare are suitable for everyday use. It is an excellent medicine to moisturize and protect eyes, to relieve tiredness and redness, caused by bright light flashes and eye tension. 

Ophthacare eyedrops benefits:

  • this medicine is suitable for everyday use;
  • Ophthacare is a perfect solution for those, who wear contact lens, as Optacare eye drops protect eyes from infection; 
  • Ophthacare is a “must have” for people, who work a lot in front of computer, because these eye drops protect eyes from harmful computer rays. 

Indications: dry eyes, eye tiredness and redness due to tension; for those, who wear contact lens.


Dosage/Application: 1-2 drops in each eye twice a day: after awakening in the morning and before going to sleep in the evening.

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