Chandanbala laxadi tail Adarsh Ayurvedic Pharmacy, 100 ml

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Chandanbari lakshadi tail - one of the best massage and beauty oils in Ayurveda. This oil relieves irritation, inflammation of the skin, has a rejuvenating effect. Perfect for a light massage, both for the face and body. Recommended for children from infancy.

Additionally, this oil is known by its property - with regular use it increases the chest.


Content: Til Tail Murchhit 5 ml, 2.5 g Rakta Chandana,Bala Mool 2.5 g,Laksha 2.552 g, Lamajaka 2.5 g, 0.052 g Shweta Chandana, Ushira 0.052 g 0.052 g Yashti, Shatahva 0.052 g 0.052 g Katuki, It is 0.052 g, Aaron beach Villa 0.052 g 0.052 g Kushtha, Manjishtha 0.052 g 0.052 g Agaru, Hrivera 0.052 g 0.052 g Ashvagandha, Bala g, 0.052, 0.052 Daruharidra, Featuring Mool 0.052 g, Musta 0.052 g 0.052 g Mulaka, Sukshmaila 0.052 g, Tvak 0.052 g 0.052 g Nagakeshara, Rasna 0.052 g 0.052 g Champka, Shati 0.052 g 0.052 g Sauvarcala Lavana, Saindhava Lavana 0.052 g 0.052 g Asana, Shveta Sariva 0.052 g, Godugdha Q. S al 10ml


Method of application: Lightly warm oil applied to the skin and RUB massage movements 10-20 minutes. The excess oil wash off with water.

Original name: Chandanbala laxadi tail, 100 ml Adarsh Ayurvedic Pharmacy.

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