Bala rishta Kottakkal, 450 ml

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Rishta is an ayurvedic tincture, like wine, with alcohol content not more than 12%. Owing to this, it can transfer those substances, which cannot be dissolved in water. Alcohol works as a media. Concentration of active substances in rishta is much higher, than in powder forms, so is its efficacy. 

Bala rishta is a great medicine for conditions, caused by Vata imbalance. It is a tonic for nervous system, and it heals many nervous disorders. Besides, Bala rishta has a regenerative impact on many tissues, it strengthens bones, muscles, joints. 

Bala rishta is a good sedative as well.   

Owing to its deep nourishing effect, this medicine is also used in reproductive system disorders, including infertility, both in men and women.  

Bala rishta benefits:

  • fast effect due to “rishta” form;
  • it is a great remedy for various Vata disorders: neuralgia, paresis, paralysis, arthritis, spondylosis, etc.; 
  • deep nourishing and regenerative effect on tissues;
  • it improves strength.

Indications: neuralgia, including trigeminal neuralgia, paresis, paralysis, arthritis, spondylosis, rheumatism, infertility and other reproductive system disorders in men and women, chronic respiratory tract diseases.

Dosage/Application: 1 tablespoon twice a day after meal. Or as prescribed by physician. It can be mixed with equal amound of water, if needed. 

Content: Bala, ashwagandha, Payasya, Panchangula, Rasna, Ela, Prasarini, Devapushpa, Usira, Svadamshtra, Dhataki, Guda.

Side effects: overdosing or taking this medicine on empty stomach may cause stomach irritation and indigestion. 

Contra indication: during pregnancy and for children under 5 years- only under supervision of a physician. During lactation period- in lower doses, as prescribed by physician. 

Expiry date: none, as medicine efficacy increases with time.

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