Anu tailam Kottakkal, 10 ml

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Anu tail is a wonderful remedy for the treatment of rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis. Also, these drops are effective for allergic rhinitis. Anu tail soothes the nasal mucosa and has a local anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, these drops are good for headaches caused by colds and migraines.

Indications: rhinitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, sinusitis, frontal sinusitis, headaches caused by colds, migraines.

Content: Jivanti, Jala, Devadaru, Jalada, Twak, Sevya, Gopi, Hima, Darvi, Madhuka, Plava, Vari, Pundrahwa, Vilva, Utpala, Dhavani, Amshumathi, Surabhi, Sthira, Nidigdika, Krimihara, Patra, Truti, Renuka, Kamala kinjilka, Bala each 2.314 g, Ajadugda 10 ml, Til Tailam to 10.000 ml.

Dosage/Application:  4-6 drops in every nostril. Warm the paranasal area with warm towel to boost the effect. It is recommended to warm the oil before instillation. Best time for instillation is morning and before going to sleep.

Original name: Anu tailam Kottakkal.

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