Histantin Kerala Ayurveda, 2x10 tablets

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Histatin - integrated medicine to combat allergies. This medicine comprehensively improve the immune system, helping the body to cope with the impact allergens and eliminating the allergic reaction.

Indications: Chronic urticaria, allergic dermatoses, allergic reactions, caused by medicines and foods, allergic rhinitis, hay fever, eczema and other allergic manifestations.

Content: Nardostachys jatamansi (Jadamansi), Inula racemosa (Pushkaramool), Kurrora Picrorhiza (Kutki), Acorus calamus (Vacha), Curcuma longa (Rajani), Cuminum cyminum (Jeera), Mesua ferrea (Nagakesara), Andrographis paniculata (Kiratathiktha), Salmalia malabarica (Salmalia), Oldenlandia umbellata (Parpataka).

Dosage/Application: 2 tablets 2 times daily or as directed by your doctor.

Original name: Histantin, 2x10 tablets Kerala Ayurveda.

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